Jacques Vartabedian is a Lebanese-Armenian artist, born in 1987 in Beirut, Lebanon, where he currently works and lives. He holds a BA in Fine Arts and a master’s degree in Painting from the Lebanese Institute of Fine Arts. 

His work is involved in the creation of conceptually based sociopolitical objects that deal with conditions of real experience, and with the multifaceted reality that challenges existing physical and political boundaries. He combines contemporary ideas with traditional techniques and creates a blend of extensions of our reality that are based upon his breed cultural traditions and his interest in the changing world of today.

Jacques has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions locally and internationally. He was part of the BJCEM young artists biennale in Milan, Italy in 2015. Hong Kong Art Central in 2016. Beirut Art Fair in 2017 and 2019. 33rd Salon d'Automne at Sursock Museum in Beirut 2018, and Contemporary Art Biennale at Macam Museum in Aalita, Lebanon 2019. He was the recipient of the (Art on Board Beirut) painting prize by Saradar Foundation in 2015, and the Boghossian Foundation’s painting prize in 2016, followed up by an Art Residency at Villa Empain Brussels in 2018.



2016      "Boghossian Foundation's" painting prize

2015       Art on Board project by "Saradar Foundation" painting prize


2018       Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium 



Selected Solo and Collective Exhibitions


2020       "Dessine Moi un Cedre",  La Residence des Pins, Beirut, Lebanon

2020.      “In 24-hours”, the Wall Space gallery, Scotland, UK

2020       "How to Make a Human Pattern", Artlab gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2019         "Ways of Seeing", Mark Hachem gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2019       Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon

2019        "Biennale of Contemporary Art 2019", Macam, Aalita, Lebanon

2018        "33rd Salon d'Automne",  Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon

2018        “In The Memory of the Ones Who Won’t Make It”, Mark Hachem gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2017         “Transpositions” (In Situ), Ecaps, Beirut, Lebanon

2017          "Mediterranean Culture,"  l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bolognia, Italy

2017          Beirut Art Fair, Revealing, Beirut, Lebanon

2016         “Reflect”, Tabari Art Space, Dubai

2016          Art Central, Hong Kong

2015          "No Food's Land", BJCEM Biennale, Milan, Italy

2015          “Dreams in Black and White”, 392rmeil393 gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2014          “Extraordinary Art Exhibition” by Goguigian Foundation, The Venue, Beirut, Lebanon

2013          “Wish You Were Here” Project, Germany




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